The San Remo, located on New York's Upper West Side, is a historic and renowned apartment building situated at West 76th Street and Central Park West. It is not only famous for its notable tenants but also for its captivating exterior. Recently, a family with three energetic teenage boys, hailing from California and New York City, approached us seeking a home that would be comfortable, sophisticated, and able to withstand their boys' boundless energy.

Taking inspiration from the stunning Sea Ranch in California, we curated a color palette that exudes a blend of warmth and refinement. With hues like burnt sienna, orange, mustard, petrol blue, forest green, and black, we have created an atmosphere reminiscent of an exclusive private club. To enhance the tactile experience and add depth to the design, we carefully selected luxurious materials such as cashmere, wool, silk, and blends from renowned mills around the world.

In order to create an ambient environment, we incorporated custom pottery lamps, ottomans, cushions that add a layer of subtle elegance. To amplify the sense of space in the dining room, we installed a framed mirror wall, which beautifully opens up the area. Furthermore, we designed exquisite custom-made dining chairs that feature burnt tan upholstery and brushed brass accents, adding a stylish touch to the overall aesthetic.

One of our main challenges was maximizing storage and functionality within the limited space provided. We meticulously utilized every inch of the apartment to offer innovative storage solutions without compromising the visually appealing design.

We are proud to have created a home that not only reflects the unique personalities of the family but also caters to their specific needs. The San Remo now stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of comfort, sophistication, and practicality.